Events and functions are nightmare for majority of women because if clothes. They don’t understand that what to wear and how do they look pretty in it. 

Well, dear ladies, I have lust of six clothes which you can wear and can be entertainers Dubai as usual without feeling an barrier from the side of clothes. 

The list includes:

  1. Maxis: If you love frocks and maxis, then be their lover. There are so many types of maxis in market. You can buy them in different t colours and wear them in different functions. You can buy even white maxis too for your wedding. However, it is better to buy single coloured maxi that would have embroidery over it. Multicolored maxis look odd. 
  2. Skirts: You can different kinds of skirts too for functions and events. You can buy plain skirts or striped one. It is up-to you but always buy them according to the colour of your shirt or blouse. 
  3. Jeans and shirt: If the event is not that grand or you are not very close relative, then you can buy a bit expensive shirt and jeans and wear it with makeup and open hair to look formal and pretty. 
  4. Jumpsuit: If you have ideal physique and body and you love jumpsuits, then buy formal type jump suit for your wedding or baby shower or any other event. All you have to is to buy upper to look more formal and open your hair. Wear it with heels or wedges to look more attractive and pretty. Besides this, you can wear it in birthdays too and be party entertainers Dubai as usual! 
  5. Saari: Sari is traditional dress of India but a woman look like a goddess in it if she wears it with heal and carry it perfectly. Buy silken sari of black color or any other dark color like blue and wear with heels. Wear makeup according to other and physique. Curl or straighten your hair if you want to open it. You can also make up do too to look outstanding. 

Suits: Girls also wear suits. You can buy light colored suits on the base of white shirt and pant and wear it with office like shoes or boots with soft make up. You can open your hair by curling or straightening it or you can up do it to look stylish and formal. Besides this, you can buy shirt and wear it with office checkered pants to look modish and formal.